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2021 goal for each gig and Fiverr goal


I became very active with my gig about 4 months ago. So far, it has been a steady though slow growth process. I have some questions to ask other freelancers like you.

Is it possible to set a goal and meet it on Fiverr? I told myself that I will have at least 100 buyers to my gig every month. How I can achieve this to always offer quality products to my buyers at all times. Do I have control over when I get a buyer? Is it possible? and how?

I would welcome any suggestion on how to improve my sales. I missed a buyer who wanted me to do a job but sent me a message while at 3 am my time. This buyer went on to get another available seller. Now I noticed that even though it was nighttime and I was fast asleep, the Fiverr app on my phone still looked like I’m online. So it is possible the buyer thought I had my hands full that was why I did not respond.

The purpose of my long comment is to find ways I can meet my goal. I really will appreciate your sincere opinion. Maybe your story will help me grow on Fiverr.

Thank you, team.

In general, intrinsic goals tend to have better results.

If you want buyers, you might have to bring them in yourself. Consistent quality? Set boundaries, know your limits, don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Any buyer on Fiverr can order any time they want. That’s part of the platform’s core strategies. So, unless you pause your gigs to prevent orders from being placed, no, you have no control from the Fiverr side. If you bring in clients from outside Fiverr, you do have a tiny, tiny bit of control of when, where, how, who, but otherwise, no.

That’s part of being a freelancer on a globally online platform. Physical stores lock doors and turn off lights. Private pages and stores can list work hours. On Fiverr, the only control you have is, as mentioned, pausing your gigs.

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And NEVER offer Unlimited Revisions.

Maybe, but this is also one reason why the “online 24/7” fake tip is bad, and can actually hurt profiles.

Have you heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals before?