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2021 year expectation

We will all do very well in 2021 by using the old experience. That is why we all need to increase our skills. Fiverr will give us a lot of benefits than now in the new year. I hope this. I pray that the new year will be a good one for everyone.


Because today is not tomorrow and yesterday is not today and tomorrow will be yesterday’s ahead.
Thank you.


You believe in reality that’s fine. But in this year I have lose something that’s why i have share my emotion .Thank you.


I am sorry you lost something important to you.

Yes, that is the only way to grow and improve our businesses.

Yes, because our old experience tells us what works and what does not work. Here is what I found does NOT work.

  • I learned that being online 24/7 does not work because I get orders even when I sleep.

  • I also learned sending 10 buyer requests a day does not work because in my niche, most buyers want the sun and the stars for $5. I am happy I do not have to stoop to those low prices anymore.

  • Another thing I learned is that I still do not need to advertise on social media to be successful.

I expect to keep being successful on Fiverr, so that is a benny. Is that the benefits you speak of? Do you know something the rest of us do not? :thinking:

Aww, thank you. We all need all of the prayers we can get. :blush:


I hope to be a top rated seller come 2021 :100: :muscle:


I hope that the next new year will bring a lot of good lucks and better opportunities for all.


Live in the present and shape the future,do not be casting lingering looks to the distance past for the past has passed away,never again to return. :grinning:


I will be a little negative and say that 2021 will bring in even more competitors to Fiverr due to the pandemic, and that means it will be harder to get orders. But as always, those that work hard and never give up will prevail!


I wish that year 2021 would be like year 2019. For me, 2019 was one of the best year of my life. Not talking about just Fiverr, but talking about world outside Fiverr. 2019 was fantastic in term of sales.


We all would follow the quote:

"Live in the present. Make your today, better than yesterday, and be prepared for tomorrow."


I feel the same, but then I remember that most of those people will be incompetent spammers who barely know English. So I can still stand out.


Thank you so much for your good wish.

We have to keep the hard work going & ensure a better service for all.

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Most people don’t know English, because most people’s mother tongue is their own. This fiverr marketplace is a beautiful platform to work on so everyone can keep trying. Gradually he also increased his language skills now.

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Yes I gathered that if people don’t know English it’s because they know another language.

If people want to serve in English, they should understand the language.


You are right but most of the people who come to this marketplace have a general idea about English. At one time they understand English very well. Everyone should acquire knowledge in English. Thank you.

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