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20K IMPRESSION But No Orders

Hey everyone, hope you are doing great. I just want to know that my gigs are ranking on the first page but still, I am not getting any order. Please help me, How can I solve it?

Here is my account


With such stats, I think it simply means that you are operating in a extremely competitive sector, with demanding buyers.

What about your clicks ?

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I checked that my gigs, I get very less clicks. 7 or 8 daily but not getting any order sir

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I don’t really know why, but i think, and it’s probably nothing but i notice that competition seem to have slightly brighter and more vivid gig image colours.

i could be mistaken because im using an IPS screen on an old laptop… so maybe on oled on phones it’s the same but maybe worth checking. Besides that… yeah too many people can do logos unfortunately

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try to change key words
your gig falls in very competitive zone, old sellers are getting all orders and leave nothing for new.
you try to find other keywords so your gig be searched with less competition.