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20K Impressions and ranked on the first page of Fiverr within just 3-4 weeks


Hello Doers,

Hope you are doing great. Today I would like to share an amazing experience with you.

20K Impressions within just 3-4 weeks and ranked on the Fiverr first page for one of my Gig is really a great experience for me and I can still imagine the moments how it feels :slight_smile:

What did I do?

  1. I planned to start freelancing again after a 4-month break and started researching on similar Gigs to my category.
  2. I found 2 best keywords from my research and edited my WordPress Gig accordingly (title, description, tags, image)
  3. Then I shared the Gig on my social media channels.
  4. Got a project through buyer requests and completed 2 back-to-back wordpress projects from the same client with 5-Star review.


  1. 20K Impressions within 3-4 weeks.
  2. Still, my WordPress Gig is on the First Page for my primary keyword ‘WordPress Design’
  3. After that, I started receiving 8+ queries every day from clients through my Gig.
  4. Received and completed almost 24 projects without sending a buyer request.
  5. I found 3 amazing clients and they are sending projects on a regular basis.

Fiverr search engine works really very very well, even more than what we know and think. There is no alternative than Gig Research if you want to receive orders through your Gigs and without sending proposals.

Feel free to visit my successful WordPress gig below and don’t forget to hit the :heart: button if you like my gig:


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Thanks for sharing a great experience


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