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20k impressions


Hello all,

I’m a new user to fiverr and not too sure how things work quite yet. I’m trying to understand why I have so many impressions but no sales. All of the impressions came within 24 hrs after I posted the gig. My stats are listed below. All advice is helpful. Thank you

20K 5 96 0 0%


All help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Reply to @kjblynx:

Thanks so much for the advice! Will do exactly that. Take care :slight_smile:


Useful advice


I agree with the other person that said that the impressions are most likely way off. However, when making a new gig, you get new initial exposure in the “new” category. After that wears down, it ends up getting placed somewhere depending on a number of variables. Videos are essential to a successful gig, but most people don’t realize that.