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21 GIGS but NO response

I created 7 gigs every 2nd week but not impression also no orders.
I created my own info gigs and with my unique portfolio.
I think fiverr is not for me.
Kindly help me please.


You have 2 reviews, so you must have had at least 2 orders.

Do you mean that every 2 weeks you delete your gigs and create new ones? If so, how do you expect to get orders if you delete your gigs, especially if you delete gigs you got 5 star reviews for?


Yes due to no impression and no order i delete gigs and created new ones.
I got tow order form on client but its from buyer request.
I do not know how to rank my gig.

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If they’re for the same service, deleting old ones and creating new ones isn’t going to help.

Well, having reviews help, but you deleted gig (or gigs) with reviews…

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I deleted my gig because no impression and views on it.
I think your gig impressions are increase then your gig will be rank.

Yes you are right because i have same issue.

If you keep deleting them before they get any impressions or views, what makes you think it’s going to be any different with new gigs?


Unfortunately, as has already been pointed out to you several times by @catwriter, this is not going to help. Whenever you delete a gig and create a new one, you are starting all over again. You are not making any progress.

If you continue doing what you are doing right now, you are going to be stuck doing that for a long time with no outcome/progress.

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I am sorry i have misunderstand the reviews. Work hard and do your best work. All the best.

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That user doesn’t have any gigs, and isn’t a seller.

No, those are reviews that that user got as a buyer. Reviews are now visible on buyers’ profiles, and that’s what you’re seeing.

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You have to choose optimize title and description which in trending work requirement. If work and skill in trending topic then 2 to 3 gigs are create massive business.

Yes this seller is right also.
You can try gigs in weeks and months also to see the impression for rank.
If you gig impression is not good then it will not rank in future.

Twenty-one gigs is also…a lot, for a lack of better term. To have so many gigs can give buyers the wrong impressions about work (it could insinuate that you prefer making a quick buck as opposed to making quality content). I think it might be better for you to focus on a few and effectively advertise and beef up those gigs.