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22 days late and the new buyer not respending!

Happy Sunday everyone, please I have this issue and I have no idea how to solve it, so this buyer I believe is new to Fiverr, he doesn’t know how Fiverr works, I’ve contacted him back several time but I got no response, the order was before the new year, so I assumed that maybe he’s busy during the holidays time! but until now I still not get any feedback, I don’t have any problem to cancel the order, I just don’t want to get my rates to get lowered because of that especially the delivery time!

Regards, and thanks in advance


why don’t you deliver?

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Because he still didn’t provided enough informations to work on his project! as I mentioned earlier, he might be new to Fiverr he still don’t know how Fiverr works

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The status says “In revision”, that means you delivered at least once the buyer asked for a revision.

If you can, do the “revision” and deliver again.

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Yes the thing is, when he asked for a revision he didn’t fill in the requests !! he just hit the revision button and that’s it lol

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You can ask customer support for assistance. It shouldn’t be a problem if you send the original, delivered files again and ask him to request a revision if there is indeed something to be changed.

Just talk with customer support, they will let you know which is the right approach here.