22 offers sent out


Hi everyone,
I have sent out 22 offers so far, but still no joy :-(.
Could anyone tell more which is the best way forward.



Patience is the best way. Don’t expect immediate success, because you are unlikely to find it. Success takes time. Be willing to be patient, but still keep busy updating and improving your gig(s).


Thankyou for your responce, which is the best way to improve the gigs?


sorry for the typo ‘response’.


You can read the great advice already posted on the forums for those answers. Many people have asked that same question, and we have answered them – many times. :wink:

It is your responsibility to read about, and learn what you need to in order to be successful here on Fiverr. The answers are already out there, you just need to be willing to read them.


If you have 1% success rate you will get order on 10th day after 100 offers… Keep stepping forward 22 isn’t that large number, Be patient and keep sending requests.