22 Social Marketing Tips "Social Media Experts" WON'T Tell You!


Hi! my name is Matt and I’m a social media marketing specialist, and I have been for over 10 years! I’m going to start a daily series informing buyers how important Social Media Marketing is to their businesses. If you have any questions shoot me a message, I’m a pretty friendly guy :slight_smile: Anyway lets get into it…


Why are you blogging? What are you doing on Twitter? There are only three acceptable answers: (a) increase brand awareness by growing your reach, (b) build customer loyalty by providing more support, or © increase sales by getting more people to purchase, more frequently. Don’t even start unless you can answer this question.

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While I consider myself an active social media marketing specialist as well – I run my own business, and am very active in social media, I am intrigued to follow along as you start this daily series on the topic. I think it’s a great idea! Count me in as your first “Fiverr follower”. :slight_smile:


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#21 - Ignore Your Competition!

Trying to benchmark other people’s Fans and Followers is a fools game. You’ll start making bad decisions because you’re trying to “keep up”. And when you make bad short-term choices, your long-term success will suffer. The best tactical ideas and campaigns haven’t happened in your industry yet. So use arbitrage marketing to figure out what new, untapped opportunities you can seize and gain an early lead. Look at what people are doing in other industries and try to experiment with similar tactics.


Just wondering if you have permission to copy and paste these tips from the original source? This is going to sound a little witchy, but I would think a major marketing tip would be not to copy and paste other’s content with attribution.




What was the first 20 Social Marketing Tips?



Community management will deplete all of your resources. Each social network you manage will cost you exponentially more time, money and energy. And contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t free. It takes tremendous resources to do it properly, and has an enormous opportunity cost. So prioritize one or two networks to see the biggest growth.


Reply to @seo_build: he is working backwards.


Reply to @emasonwrites: This guy’s profile doesn’t look scammy. I thought it looked quite professional. I disagree with copying someone else’s content and making it appear to be your own, but did you find the original source and confirm that mgarcon isn’t the original creator of this content?


Reply to @missashley8705: It’s copied word for word from an article by a man named Brad Smith, posted on his marketing websites–so unless he’s Brad Smith… I know I’m coming across as kind of a plagiarism avenger, but this isn’t the way to build authority. All that’s needed is a little attribution.


You are right @emasonwrites I found the article in question http://codelessinteractive.com/social-marketing-tips/

I’m sure this will be erased but anyway.

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do competitor analysis and biding analysis for social marketing paid campaign.