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22 years old young from Bangladesh got his first order in 2 days

I’m a 22 years old young Web Developer from Bangladesh, I started my journey at the age of 17 as my profession. My expertise is to create , design and develop Websites, Logo, Mock-ups and many more.

I worked in multiple offices for 5 years that’s why I did’t get scope for fiver . now I want to work from home .

So I sit back to work with fiverr by making 4 gigs(I made them before the day I create my account adding videos of my work to the gig)That means I had planning before getting started. After some research about tags for my gigs, I put all the gigs at a time activated. First day every gigs got pretty decent impression but no clicks. Second day guess what One clicks on my one gigs and got an notification on the massage section that someone going to order a project.When I saw it my joys knew no bounds. I was feeling like I’m the only one who get his first order on the second day of journey in fiverr. Then I started working on my the order and in 2 hours I submitted the order as finished .The buyer was really really happy but because of a personal problem she did not want to review. I got a little upset but again she told me that “Sit back comfortably because I’m going to hire you again” That words really appreciated me a lot. And That’s how as a new kid on online platform gets his future with FIVERR.

I can create an entire website on clients desired design or my custom design. Can develop a website ,fix bugs or any wordpress related issue.(More on the portfolio section)

As a full-stack developer, I understand the connections between the front and back-ends of a website. This helps me to build efficient and effective programs for all parts of the website.

And I always give my priority to the process of back-end part because this is the part which decides whether your website performs best or work like an ordinary website.

Basically I worked with multiple Companies as an employee in my locality. Which gave me chance to work with highly professional Senior workers also I was promoted to senior worker in the past few companies.

There are also some companies with whom I worked for few projects.That gave me chance to enhance my experience to the next level of web developing.

I have finished a lot of premium work like these so I can finish your work before the deadlines so I’m hoping to get the work only if you want. Please visit my fiver gig videos for better understanding .

Hoping everyone will pray for my success and establishment.
And yes Thanks a lot for giving time reading my article.


Congratulations, proud of you as a Bangladeshi

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I got my first order on 9th day on fiverr.

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Congrats!!! Lucky you

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