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23 orders in the first 2 months - is this good?

What is your opinion?


Impossible to know.
It depends on your category, your service, the quality, how much effort you put in, and how much you made per-order.

I suppose since you ask asking for opinions, though:
I guess so?

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Yeah, I made almost $400 in this time. My category is music: transcription, production, etc. I think the quality is good because I always do my best in every gig, and only had 5 star reviews. I put a lot of effort in it, but I think this is necessary for every seller

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This is great. When I didn’t get any order for the past one year.
Good job man and more of this to come your way

Its really good. Its a amazing experience you share with us. Please write an article here how you do that. For it we new comer learn more and improved ourselves.

Thank you! So, I am a musician. First, I only had one gig of music transcription. But, after my first order, I wasn’t getting orders frequently. I started using bueyer requests A LOT, trying my best to write the better offer for each bueyer, and… nothing. It wasn’t working.

So I created more gigs, one for production, other for mixing, etc. I I tried to make really colorful thumnails, with the keywords of the gig IN the image. Also, the MOST IMPORTANT in my opinion: using the right keywords. You have to use strong keywords, that people will actually search for.

Example: for music transcription, what are the best keywords?
Ok, sheet music, transcribe, guitar, piano, etc.
This will rank your page better. Also, try to start with lower prices before you get reviews.

I kept using buyer requests, and then I started getting orders. Not SO much in the total: 10 orders in more than 130 offers lol. But it is a start, a very good one! In buyer requests, I find one buyer that turned into a friend, and he is now in his 4th order with me. This is very important, I think - I turned 1 order into 4 orders (propably more).

Usually, something that happens to me: I change the image of the gig, and then, in the same or next day, a buyer messages me ordering my gig. I think the thumbnail and the title are the two most important things. If you search for “mixing and mastering”, almost ALL the thumbnails look the same. You have to be different! Why would people click on your gig? Try do answer that for yourself.

Well, after that, I kept getting orders. But one day, it was absolutely crazy. I really don’t know why. It was FRIDAY NIGHT(maybe that’s important) and I delivered a job for a buyer, who gave me 5 stars and a $5 TIP (important). 24 hours later, 7 or buyers messaged me, and I could get 6 orders AT THE SAME TIME. That never happened before lol.
So that was the “climax” for me.

Now, I keep getting orders, 4 or 5 a week, which is totally good for me! Also, when a buyer messages you, BE FAST! If you don’t answer in a few minutes he will probably find another seller.

In resume, my tips:
1- Good thumbnail and title with keywords
2 - Create the maximum of gigs (7 for no level seller)
3 - Use buyer requests
4 - Try to give your buyer a PERFECT service. He is giving you money. Always have it in mind. You are not doing him a favor. You want your buyer to love your work SO much, that he will give you a tip for the incredible result. And this tip will probably increase your gig ranking (probably, this was my experience)
5 - Be fast
6 - Talk to your buyer like you would talk to a FRIEND. The buyer wants a friendly seller, imagine like in real life. He doesn’t want a robot that just talks yes, no, that’s the price. Imagine if you were the buyer - how would you want the seller to talk with you?

*Almost forgot about it: I tried self-promoting myself in sites like reddit, facebook, twitter. It didn’t work. Maybe Instagram is the best one. But make sure you promote your SERVICE, not your Fiverr gig. If someone is interest in your work, then you send the Fiverr link. Just a quick tip

This is good to hear, but be careful. Many, many people fall into a mistake of assuming this is the normal. It might be, for some, but it’s safer to assume a trend will not continue. If you suddenly hit a dry spell, and aren’t prepared, it can throw off everything. Especially if you happen to have started spending with the assumption of maintaining a steady income. Save up an emergency fund. Future you will thank current you.

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Congratulated and Best of luck

Yes, I totally agree! It is good for me because Fiverr is an extra