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24 Gigs delivered in two weeks. 26 More to go to reach Level 2 seller!

I’m pretty excited because even though my account is two years old, I recently learned a skill that, to me, has given me a quick turn around.

That’s great news! Congrats!

We will make the Level 2 eventually!


Yes, @pictureduke is correct. We’ll make it to Level 2… soon, hopefully. Hahaha. =) Good luck to us!

It’s just a matter of time @kahzumi & @max1989 !

Although I don’t think it matters that much for me if I’m level 1 or level 2.

What do you guys look forward most of reching Level 2?


To me, reaching level 2 would mean one of the best credibility pieces to my buyers, and that means a lot to my fivr business as it would translate to more sales.

Wow, that is awesome! Congrats!!

Whoop whoop! Well done!

24 gigs are awesome and all the best for level 2 Max.

daym man, that is amazing. how did you learn this skill.

I basically learned it online from the software I use to create my gig.

sounds good bro

I delivered like 20 today, 13 yesterday, so im hoping for level too soon, its 50 i think right, I need some gig options these or horrid

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Very nice! Congrats.

Thanks guys!