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24 hour deadline?

It’s not long ago, I mentioned about unrealistic ‘#1 in google search results’ expectations that flashed in buyer requests(Available Projects). The new one is the ridiculous deadline thingy. Some requests asks for some extra-ordinary graphics, but the gig duration is set at 24 hours. It can be explained if one or two want it urgently. But when more than 70% requests happen that way, it doesn’t seem logical. If you want your graphic to come good, you need to give it time. Your designer might add few more perks and touches to it, if it lays around his/her files long enough.

I use a fantastic designer and when I hire him I wait days for him to answer, and many days for his design and it’s worth it. A good designer will be in such demand they will take time but to get a great design it is worth waiting for. This is one case where it pays to be very patient and not expect it fast.

When he starts to work on my project, he starts messaging me, and we message back and forth very frequently as he works on it, showing me his progress as he goes and asking what I want changed as he works. His finished work is always amazing, better than I could have imagined.

I am sure that would work like charm for you mate. I second you on patience definitely pays in orders.

Common sense is needed both when you are selling and buying.

yes it is true and good tips guys …thank you

Good one for buyers and sellers alike. I have resisted the urge to go with such buyers. Asking unrealistic delivery time ends in shoddy jobs.