24 Hour Delivery - No respect for weekends


Hi, yet again I’ve had a client who’s ordered first thing Sunday morning adding the 24hr extra. I’ve just delivered late Monday morning as it couldn’t be done yesterday…

There is little respect in the land of automated Freelance sites for the weekend. Some of us like to plough on 7 days a week - I frequently do; but with two young kids and an actual real life; I think Fiverr should make a small tweak to respect the lives of those who see the weekend as a crucial break from proceedings.

Please add an optional caveat to the 24hr delivery extra to opt out on specific days of the week A simple menu with check boxes of each day and the question “what days can you take 24 hour delivery orders” for the likes of me to unclick Saturday and Sunday. Or for Designer Susie who has the kids all day Monday to unclick Monday; or for SEO expert Jake to unclick Fridays because he works at the restaurant that day.

I’m looking for support for this feature or arguments against - no aspersions cast on my inability to deliver said 24 hour job despite offering it, please.

Yes, I can set to ‘vacation’ but I’d still want orders coming in for standard delivery times; and frankly if people browsing over the weekend constantly see you marked on hols, they’ll eventually stop clicking on you.

Whilst I’m here on the subject of vacation settings, I’d like the option of writing my own reason as opposed to using the default options of I’m too busy or I’m on holiday etc.

Thank you!

Temporarily Suspend 24 Hour Deliveries
Vacation mode... But I'm not going on holiday!

It is time-consuming, but you can remove this option on a Friday morning and replace on a Sunday night to keep up your offer but have the weekends with your family.


Yes, I did address this. I’m not really looking for what I can do; but frankly what should be done. I know there’s clunky awkward work arounds.

I have ten plus gigs. Going into each gig and doing as you suggest just isn’t gonna happen :wink:


Hi Rosko,

I believe this is actually a very good idea! I hope Fiverr staff read this and consider it at least.


This is an excellent idea - let’s hope it’s considered.


Something similar was requested years ago but it has yet to surface. Hopefully something will come along.


Might well have been me two years ago… gonna push a little harder now. Have contacted support and been given encouraging signals :slight_smile:


This would be an incredible feature. In fact, if Fiverr ever deploys it, a hundred people should band together where you are and hoist you into the air and parade you round like a holy relic on a Catholic feast day.

I was (and still am) hugely annoyed with some buyers who don’t have respect for my personal time. One buyer whom I had repeatedly asked not to order without contacting me first kept ordering in bulk anyway. Finally, it got to me moving house earlier this month and I sent a quick heads up to the buyer with their last delivery stating that I would not be able to accept any orders from them for the rest of July.

The next day I get an order for 17 articles from a guy saying, “Hi, I work with X (the person who I just told not to order) look forward to delivery, thanks!”

It’s just rude.


That’s a good idea friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Nice idea:grinning: i hope Fiverr will consider it


That kind of story sounds familiar!


Oh and being hoisted into the air and paraded round like a holy relic on a Catholic feast day is basically my favourite thing. So I’m hoping this will come off!


That’s my new favorite fantasy, thank you!


Well, whatever rocks your boat. Happy to help MC.


Still an issue. My solution would fix this. Just bumping since I was given encouraging signs from a member of staff at Fiverr that they’d seriously consider this. The notion needs some support so if you’d like to have the option to deliver speedy 24 hour deliveries as an extra in the week, but not at the weekend, please like and/or comment. Thanks guys!


Would be very useful if that was an optional feature and allowed one the day/s to choose.

The only argument against it that I can see is that it may annoy buyers who filter for 24 hour delivery and would have to click through several gigs that do yet don’t offer the 24 hour delivery right then, so it would have to be integrated into the filter function somehow I guess, perhaps that’s what keeps it from being implemented.


Excellent Idea! I completely agree with you for the option on 24hr delivery extra to opt out on specific days of the week. Sounds really very practical!