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24 Hour Express Quantity?


Is the 24 hour express extra supposed to be a flat rate? Or are you supposed to order it in the same quantity that the original gig is in? I’ve been wondering this ever since I started Fiverr :-


Reply to @mrproofreading: let me see if I understand this… if a buyer orders 10 multiples of a gig, and adds 1, 24 hour extra fast “extra”, all 10 gigs must be delivered within 24 hours?


It depends on the seller. Some say their extras only apply once per order, while others ask for gig extras to be purchased for each multiple. Fiverr did launch a trial a while ago, whereby they made extrafast delivery apply once per multiple. So, if you ordered 10 normal gigs, you’d need 10 extrafast gig extras if you wanted quick delivery; however, it wasn’t very successful so they removed it after about a week. :slight_smile: