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24 Hours Active on Fiverr? Ligal or illegal by extension?

Many people use Google Chrome extension to remove their browser for keeping themselves to be active on Fiverr?? is it okay? or any problem? What do you think?


A seller can’t active 24 hours if he is not a robot or uses any extension as you said. Don’t represent yourself as a robot to Fiverr. This is definitely not good. Try to active online in a natural way.


It doesn’t seem like something that would be allowed. But I don’t think there’s any benefit in that either way. I’ve been online on Fiverr for nearly a full day many times, refreshing the site manually occasionally, trying to stay online without being hidden from online results. And there was absolutely no change in messages or orders received. So these days I’m logging in maybe 1-2 times a day due to sales dropping by 98%, and there’s no difference at all. Soon there will probably be no reason to log in at all, lol.

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Using an extension which refreshes a page after a certain interval may help a seller to stay online. But it also has some negative impact too. Usually buyer contacts “online” sellers when they require instant response. But if the seller is using some “auto refresher” tool and not actually online to respond buyer’s message than buyer may feel disappointed or even offended.


If you do that, the site might register irregular activity and repeatedly demand you prove that you’re not a robot.

Potential buyers could also think that you’re fake (or ignoring them) or that Fiverr itself is fake because you’re supposed to be online, but you’re not responding.

And finally, by doing that (pretending to be online when you’re not), you’d be dishonest and a liar. Is that who you are?


Try to active online in a natural way. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so many guys :heart_eyes:
Thanks a lot for your suggestion, motivation, and response :heart_eyes:


The only reason you would want to do this is to give the impression that you are available when you’re not - and thereby encourage people to buy your gig or at least message you.

But it’s not really operating within the spirit of the Fiverr community. It can also backfire on you.

Let’s say someone messages you the moment you go to sleep. You wake up 8 hours later and check your messages. That’s a minimum 8 hour response time. If you show as online and someone places an order, many would reasonably expect a response within an hour or so - not 8 hours later.

Good sellers receive orders whether they’re off or online. The majority of my orders come through when I’m off line. It’s not a problem.

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Please note that in some cases sellers on Fiverr that offer 24/7 services are not one person but team of persons working under one profile.

They distribute the work by shifts but also the income is split so that is also something to consider.

Individual can not be online 24/7.

The healthiest is 8/5 and if you need money then 10/5, everything over that is not good for you.


Yes - I also view these plugins with a certain suspicion.

But every now and then I would find them helpful in some cases.

I work on 3 screens. Of course I am online - but if I don’t do anything on one screen, I am shown as offline.

In the morning I am at work - online all the time - here I can always answer, but if I am doing something else, although I am “online” - I am offline.


Thats not good I guess. Try to active in natural way :upside_down_face:

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