24 hours delivery Gigs


I bought one gig for a explainer video, the seller promised in her gig to deliver in 24 hours (fast delivery). I paid extra $20 for this service (*fast delivery) but yet she messaged me and say please click on the revision button (she had stopped the clock)… when I clicked on the revision button the clock starts from the begining… WTF… How could I report her gig she is a cheater… she cheated people with 24 hours fast delivery infact she is not… how can i report her?


Hi sir!
I dont think you can report her sir but the best thing for you to do would be leave a review for her as to ‘how was your experience’ and what would you rate her on scale of 1 to 5. (after the order is completed)


Report to Customer Services. It isn’t right and is against the spirit of the site to promise something and then just click deliver to stop going past the deadline.


Link to Customer Support


scroll down to the link on the fiverr.com page


Reply to your received messages. Someone sent you a message(s). :sweat_smile:


If you pay for their fast service, then you either rate them low when finished, or contact customer service (or both). IF the gig results turn out great, then it depends how late she is.

Many of us offer that extra fast service. It would be different to me if they offered 24 hour service and she needed an extra 15 minutes or something (AND she told you that…)

If she takes another six hours, I’d be bothered too. Not fair to take your money but not deliver.


It is against to Fiverr rules. but really if you can wait little time to see the product, maybe your mind will be changed. good product taking more time. little time is OK. but I am not approve long time period.


Guys thanks for the help. Actually I am new here and found that she bug me… You guys are so helping. Thanks I will get back to you if I need more assistance on that. Thanks again.



The point is that he paid an EXTRA $20 for fast turnaround.

He could have saved $20 and gotten the regular service since that is what she is doing to him.