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24 People Replied to This Buyer Request - Unbelievable!

Can someone advise whether or not there is a way to report/flag buyer requests?

People like this just shouldn’t be here:


As for why 24 people would apply to this request… Well, I just don’t get it. :frowning:


Lots of sellers here think that they will get orders by daily sending 10 buyer requests offers… Regardless of what the buyer is requesting. Heck, I even saw 30 offers sent to a seller posted in buyer request (I wonder how editorial team made it pass) that he “can do data entry for $5”…:no_mouth:

Dang it man! this got to be the cheapest buyer I’ve ever encountered/heard of!
$0.2 per 600 words! Wow!


I bet it’s the same reason why 15 people applied to this here:


Well it could be an illegitimate buyer, pretending to be a legitimate buyer who wanted to tell the sellers that he’s too good for this world, i.e., will be the nicest ever buyer they had and wants them to trust him just one time, so he can scam them at least once? And just forgot to add what he wants them to do for him for free?
I know, I know, it’s a wannabe-seller. :upside_down_face:

As for a way to report/flag buyer requests, I’m pretty sure we’ve had that in suggestions with lots of likes, but well, guess they are too worried about having to wade through unjustified flags.
The only option I’m aware of is the time-consuming ticket way. I’ve done that two or three times perhaps but I honestly can only be bothered to report when it looks like an actual illegitimate/criminal request. Without a shortcut report button for such cases, that is.

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Still, I wouldn’t call his post a “request”. I’d call it something else I don’t want to type it down on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Fiverr

you know reading that they don’t say how many words per article it says 600 “worded articles” & 20 cents per 600 “worded articles”. They should have been more careful with how they phrased it. You can construe that as asking for 600 articles of one word each. Maybe someone should apply for it and write one article of 600 words and break it up into 600 articles. Someone is going to have fun with this I think

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Because they didn’t read it, they’re just sending offers to the first 10 random requests they see. Don’t you know that it’s going to make them rich? :stuck_out_tongue:

Look on the bright side: the buyer might accept someone’s offer, and we might get to read a post in awful English complaining about the buyer who asks for too much for less money (or something).


Wow! People agreeing to be slaves? It’s quite sad that this would get approved in the first place, let alone sellers replying to it…such is the world.

I’ve reported people for their buyer requests before, but not by creating a ticket (though that’s a good way to do it too).

As I pretty much never use up all of my 10 daily offers, I’d use one to write something short like “This is not allowed on Fiverr”, set the offer price to 5000 and send it. Since you can see their username after sending an offer, I screenshot the buyer request (including their username) and go to their profile. From there I report them and write a short summary of why I’m reporting them, including the screenshot at the end.

Whether this actually helps to get requests taken down, I’m not sure. I imagine it helps CS in identifying problem-users though. Wish there was a better way to do it.

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It depends; some can apply to let the buyer know the actual rate for such word count without considering his/her offer. However, posting such an outrageous amount is nauseating.

I am having issues with a person who is mean trying me to take articles he hasn’t described and I sent a sample which is a red flag to me as I have a lot of 5 * ratings. Should I block him? He just won’t leave me alone.

If someone’s giving you a red flag, block them. It’s not worth the stress or potential bad review/cancellation.


Thanks I hate being mean but this guy is a jerk! Plus he’s been harassing me for a week so why hasn’t he went with a different buyer! Blocking now!

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Did they place an order?

I think offers like this neither help Fiverr nor the seller, after all Fiverr is getting 20% of $0.20 and the seller is spending all his day for the rest. This has to be a troll or someone new to the industry because I doubt you’ll get a proper well written English article or any other labored product for the price of a gum. And neither Fiverr nor the seller are able to cover their bills.

I can totally understand having a low price point for a quick job. But this is just absurd.

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Reputation! A good review, a good rating, having completed an order. It’s not about the money, but about the exposure. It’s not uncommon that people work for free for exposure. The value you’ll get out of this request is not worth it, but I understand why people apply for it. (even if it is inhuman)

I can understand being tempted to take a low rate just to get reviews, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. I have had a couple of buyers message me and I can tell right off the bat that they are going to be trouble.

They start off wanting an extremely large word count (15,000 words or more) and then they want it within a certain timeframe - like 1 week. 15,000 words is a lot for any writer and if you have an outside job you just can’t commit to something like that.

Then they start to get rude with you. That’s my signal to cut bait and go. I come up with a higher than average price and refuse to negotiate on it. They usually leave at this point. Low-ballers will avoid you if your prices are too high.


I am NOT clicking that download just to check if it’s against ToS. Can I still somehow report this?


Well if that is in the buyer’s requests they can upload a sample or document to explain what they are looking for. But since it is in a zip file, I wouldn’t download it either. I don’t know that it is against the TOS but it could be spam or a virus.

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