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24 to 60 per page


Did you notice that Fiverr went from 24 to 60 gigs per page. I took a screen shot of the first page for my keyword the other day and at that time there were 24 gigs on a page. Now I noticed there are 60 gigs on a page. Hey, now you can say you are on the first page for your search term if you are ranked within the first 60 for your keyword :slight_smile:


Hm, I get 12 rows à 4 gigs = 48 gigs.


Huh? It’s been always 48.


Hmmm, maybe there is way to set how many gigs you see per page. If there is, I’m not sure where it is.

A few days ago I did a screen shot of page 1 for my keyword to do some testing. I printed it out for the test. I just now counted them and there are 24 gigs on that page. Hmmm, let me see if there is a way to set how many gigs show up on a page. If there is, I can’t find it.


Here’s a screen shot of a page. As you can see there are 15 rows with 4 gigs in each row. 15 x 4 = 60 (click the image below to see entire image)

So why am I seeing 60 gigs per page. Is there a way to set how many gigs you see per page? Not sure!


I´m seeing 48 both logged in, Chrome, and as well from my ‘neutral browser’ where I´m not logged in and can´t have possibly done that per setting. I can´t remember to have ever changed a setting for that or to have seen one.
Hm. You recently switched your resolution or from a normal to an extra long monitor or something? :wink:


Nope…no changes in resolution. Yesterday it was 24 and today it is 60…wow…maybe there is something going on and another update that has not spread throughout Fiverr. Stranger things have happen on Fiverr but when you guys said you see 48, I did scratch my head. Oh well, life goes on…thanks for the input

p.s. I tried both Chrome and Firefox and results are the same…I see 60 gigs per page with either browser.


60 per page. Also every time I see 2 pages with my gig. Means one page takes part of another.


My gut says Fiverr is experimenting and the experiment is not effecting all the gigs the same…:slight_smile:


Wonderful word - they can use it in any situation :slight_smile: