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$24 with my username


Screenshot (32)

I am noticing this for the first time, what does this mean? Is it a bug?


This means you have $24 Available for Withdrawal
It’s not a bug :wink: It’s a feature :bulb:


Oh I thought that at first too but Screenshot (33)


That means you have $24 that you have earned


See the screenshot I posted above, its not available though… still pending clearance


Maybe you should contact fiverr customer care


Okay thank you, I will do that.


This means that you have $24 within your account. If it isn’t showing in your revenues page, this means that it’s currently inside your “shopping balance”, not the withdraw-able sellers balance.

This can happen when an order is cancelled. The funds are returned to the buyer to spend again, not the original payment source.


This means 24$ is available for withdrawal.
You can withdraw this amount anytime.



I agree with @excelassist mine shows $8. I have much more that is sitting in “clearing.” Speaking of which I have a question. When my first $4 finally cleared, it showed up in PayPal as $3.60. If I did a direct deposit into my bank account would I have been able to keep the whole $4?


Actually i really dont know About this answer.Please contact with fiverr cs.


@excelassist I currently am doing an experiment. I requested to have my last $4 earnings deposited in my bank account I will post what I find out.


I think it is because you don’t have setup a withdraw method like PayPal. You have to link them before you can withdraw the funds.


@soulviking If your comment was directed at me, I so have PayPal set up as my withdrawal method. If not, then please forget my comment. :wink:


No :slight_smile: I just thought it would be possible that you can’t withdrawl your money without setting up a payment method before :slight_smile:


True, very true. :nerd_face: