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"245" Buyer request

I have found 245 Active buyer request, first time in the history of fiverr… Can’t believe on my eyes :astonished:


I noticed it too, they have opened the floodgates. Poor buyers :frowning:
It used to be like maximum 30 offers per request. I can’t imagine anyone going through 148 offers


Could this be a bug?


I confirm that today the Buyer Requests section has a strange behaviour: deleted requests appear again after removal, and clearing the cache doesn’t help.


Indeed, it could be a bug because it has been acting up today.

I thought it was only me, but good to know :slight_smile:
Anyone who has posted a request would know that going through 200 offers will be a nightmare


Wow, right now I can see 5 buyer requests but they are all from sellers who promote their service … is it me or?

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Feeling pity for buyers. How can Buyers handle it :confused:

I think so. Because i have never seen it before

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I didn’t see yet this type of bugs.

I have always seen 300 to over 400 since I became level 1?


I see 73 buyer’s requests all with less than 15 offers.

651 requests!
Very few offers.


Why I didn’t find find any request? My highest active request was 18. but most of the time I can’t find any request at all.

glad to hear best of luck :+1:

:scream::scream:That’s call luck I never find more than 18 active request. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

It’s not luck - different levels of sellers see different numbers of requests, also the category makes a big difference. :sunny:

really!!! but did the submitting capacity also increase??

All sellers are limited to 10 a day as far as I’m aware.

SO what’s the point showing so many request???