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25% commissions πŸ€”πŸ€”

I have completed order of 25$, as well as I got 5$ tips.
But I earned 22.50$.

It’s invalid commission. I’m not agree with this.


It may be related to taxes. It will not help to complain here. Contact Customer Service for more details.


You do know that if Fiverr did not earn a commission from each sale generated on their platform, we all would probably have to pay a monthly membership fee to be here and use the service.

I would venture to guess that the monthly rate for that would likely exceed the 25% you are concerned about.

Just another way to look at what you are actually getting for being here.

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80% of $30 = $24

There’s been a lot of talk on the forum about the 5% tax/fee in India so I’d guess that is where that extra 5% is coming from.


That must be TDS !
Check your earnings tab and you will sea TDS and section under what they are charging that, Its not they( fiverr ) but your Government charges you !


I was thinking the same, but wasn’t sure where the OP was from.

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Yes. I am also an Indian seller. Beyond the 20% commision, they are also deducting extra 5% of the order amount showing tax deducted at source. Is this applicable to only Indian sellers.

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