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I am sharing a 25 min working experience with a smart buyer. One of my buyer messaged to me for a postcard but he is agreed to allow only 10 min for front and back part. If you think that this is fun to hearing from me but this is not fun. When he said 25 min, I said to him for give me 1 hours time but he said to me that this is not possible. I have no time. He wanted a simple card. At least, I agree with him and prepared a postcard in 25 min. At this time, I delivered to him. Acturally, I was hopeless but he said awesome and put a 5-star rating.

This was an amazing experience.

Thank you.


The minimum time you should offer to complete a gig is 24 hours.

Please do not let yourself be bullied into completing a gig in such a short time. Quality will suffer, and you will feel stressed - you as much as said this yourself.

The next time you’re asked to complete a gig in such a short time please either refuse the gig or state that the time limit is as per the gig description.


Thank you for your valuable advised.


I should add - well done for completing the order in 25 mins, and please do so if you wish - just don’t feel pressurized into completing an order in such a short time!

I’m glad it all worked out for you!


I agree with @offlinehelpers, don’t feel pressured with that type of a thing as them doing a less than a day timeline is 100% unprofessional. When I sold, my deadlines were what I was comfortable with, and gave me enough time to flex.

Sometimes you get an order done an hour after you receive it, sometimes the hour before the deadline. Both are fine if your client is reasonable.

Once you’ve got enough work, you can simply turn people like that away. There’s no logical reason to have a less than 24 hour deadline unless they are willing to pay quadruple :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations , you did it!


I’m with all the others here. IF you are going to do high speed/high pressure work, have it as a gig extra and get paid for it. I let them know I CAN do extra fast, but not free.

I have two gig extras I call “Super Express Pass” and regular “Express Pass”.

IF they ask for super fast delivery, I ask which options works better for them:

“Express Pass” ($5, typically under 12 hours, but timing not guaranteed)
“Super Express…” ($20, 4 hours or less)

If they say they don’t want to pay, then no problem, I’ll have it back with 24 hrs or we can mutually cancel, their choice.

Don’t allow a buyer to pressure you without getting paid.

As a side note: Often those “I want it cheap, I want it fast” type buyers are problem children, who don’t appreciate your work, want free revisions (“please, I don’t have money in my account…”), then they rate you lower. NOT worth it.


My record is 3 min 11 seconds


May be Buyer have also time-line about this work, OR buyer need to go outside, Thats the reason for Hurry. Finally Congrats for Your success and Provide work as per time-line. :slight_smile: Its called awesome working experience :slight_smile: