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25% or 20% fee?

I finished my first order on fiverr for $5. But I got only $3.75. Fiverr says they charge only 20%. So I should be getting $4 right? $3.75 means they charges 25%. Please can someone explain why this happened…


Yes, you should be earning $4 from a $5 order.

Could we see a screenshot of your earnings page with the earnings from this order?

It might be your currency settings, if you’re not in USD.


It might be a visual error. Give it a minute, it happened to me a few weeks ago. If not, check your earnings.

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Fiverr has started following Indian tax regulations from December as I know and they are deducting TDS from every order…

Check out your earning tab and you will see " TDS under 194-O" and what they have deducted so far !


May be your client give you order on Australian Dollar!

AUD value only affects tips, not order sums. Otherwise, I could go to a country with very low dollar values (such as Ghana, with only $0.17 USD per Cedi) and make purchases in their currency. It only affects tips from what I’ve seen.

Does it say $3.75 on the order page or in your earnings page (or both)?

I’ve had an issue recently where my earnings are being calculated incorrectly on the order page, but the earnings page is correct. If it’s just doing that on your order page, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Its 3.75 in both earning and order page

Yeah, that’s probably a bug.

Could you go to the earnings tab on the top? The information there is more accurate. Thanks!

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Thats right I see it there. 0.5 under tax. Hmmmm. Thanks buddy. But why are my friends not getting taxed? My friend is the one who invited me to fiverr. He’s from India too. But he’s not getting taxed .

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Fiverr is asking to add PAN details under billing information, its not compulsory now but they would probably make it compulsory soon !

You should have added PAN and your friend has not !


Fiverr charge only 20%. It maybe a bug.

I have also not added PAN but filled rest of the tax info in billing section as of now, but still tax is being deducted for me.

Indian government has already imposed section 192-O that covers all freelancing platforms under tax,
Fiverr gave us time to add information and I guess its over…so they started deducting tax from their side…

Now if you have not added PAN number you may not be able to reclaim TDS untill you add that.,
Better you add PAN to your fiverr account so they can credit taxed amount there !