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25 Orders Same Day As Hitting Level 2

Hi again friends.

I wrote earlier today about just hitting level 2 in 60 days.

In those 60 days, I completed 52 gigs.

Since being notified earlier (In the last 24 hours) for hitting Level 2,

I have had 25 orders.

That is by far a record for myself.

Having completed half of the required Level 2 total sales in just 1 day.

Thanks for the traffic and sales Fiverr.

I hope this trend continues.

Happy selling everyone. :slight_smile:

Congrats man, and nice Gigs too!.. I may be one of your customers soon :smiley:

Thanks man.
Sounds good, I’m always happy to help where I can.


Sounds to me like it’s time to put your prices up…supply and demand :wink:

Thanks for the comment.
All of those sales are for 1 gig (a marketing guide) that is listed at $5
Since making this post yesterday, I’m now well over 30 sales.

I hope to get this gig featured and raise the price at that time.