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25+ Reviews but only 10 appears on Gig Page


I have around 23 reviews on my gig but only 10 of them appears to the buyer on my gig page. I have rated the buyers and also responded to their reviews on my gig page. Could it be a bug or does it takes time for reviews to get updated?


It depends on how did you get those reviews
Organically or buy marketing
As i know if organic reviews si there’s a problem somewhere
But if you shared ur gig and got reviews, try to play with keywords

That’s my point of view

Waiting help from other’s


What do you mean by marketing?
Those reviews are 100% organic and I got them by completing orders.


The only way to get reviews is from people buying your gig and leaving a review.

Also just because someone visits a site after seeing some marketing for it doesn’t mean that’s not organic.


I checked your profile (if you want to make that easier/faster for forum people you can add a link to your Fiverr main site profile here in the forum settings BTW) and I see all reviews, I counted 24 even :wink: you need to keep clicking “See more” for all to show.