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250 memes in $5 but not getting enough orders


Any suggestion to promote my gig?


WEll, the description frankly is where I’d start.

I don’t even know what you’re offering and it sounds “generated” so my reaction is to question the validity of the “text” on the meme images.


Putting it this way, I have 99 problems, but a Meme ain’t one.


Right upfront I don’t know if “deliver” means you will write them or just deliver two canned articles. I think you actually write them, but it’s not clear to me. If you do write them, why not use your writing skills and pen a clever / interesting description to show off your skills. Fiverr allows 1200 characters in the description, why not take advantage of that? And of course a video is nice too. :slight_smile:


Im so confused about this gig :s, but i think he might mean he will send you 200 meme pictures


Agreed. The gig sounds confusing. Try to make it more clear and precise so people know exactly what they are getting. I’ve had to rename my gigs and re-write what the gigs were all about many times just to avoid confusion.


@stunnagirl Yeah what she said!


I think he means that he will create 200 memes on your website.

There are many websites out there to create memes eg. memegenerator dot com

so if someone has their own website for such activity, this user will create memes on that?


Yup I’d start with the gig title and description. If English is not your first language, there are several gigs here on Fiverr that can help you


The description on your meme one is a bit… weird. It’s leaving me thinking “Umm what exactly is he going to do?”


It seems to be a consensus. I hope you refer and reflect on this.


Thanks for replies… :slight_smile:

I will consider your suggestions while editing gig.