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250 Reviews on 5r thus far and counting

So, yesterday, I left my 250th review on 5r!

Whew! I wonder how much time I’ve spent writing reviews & feedback since being on 5r.

I’ve bought 255 gigs to date so I’ve reviewed 98% of my sellers - I say that’s not too bad. Crazy note, I’ve had close to 400 transactions!

There are buyers here who far surpasses mine. I guess I’m taking a stroll - down memory lane at my very first order here - which was a complete disaster! :slight_smile:


I feel that would be a pretty great story…one you should probably share


Not a good story a bad one. I’ve shared it a few times already. :frowning:

I’ve had many great gigs and orders that went well and really well! This site has helped me to grow my small one-person business!

I just bought my 1st hosting plan today. Tomorrow, I get started in created a web page/site or maybe I’ll just hire someone! :slight_smile: