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2500 Twitter signals, incl. 1000 retweets + 1000 followers + 300 favorites + 200 site widget hits

Exclusive combo Twitter service for fast indexing and improved online presence:

For just $5, your announcement / advert / affiliate link / commercial / video on Twitter will get 2500 signals:

• 1000 retweets by different people,

• 1000 Twitter members will become your followers,

• 300 genuine people will mark your tweet as “Favorite”,

• 200 hits on your external website’s Twitter widget

And all this will happen within just one day!

Why you need it:

• Your hyperlink in that tweet will be instantly indexed by Google after so many retweets

• Whatever you announce or advertise in that tweet, will be seen by lots of people

• You will get permanent backlinks

• Your Twitter account will get a higher “trust”

• Your website will be indexed faster and better

What you get for 5 dollars:

• Non-drop retweets, favs, followers, and widget counter hits

• No “egg” accounts – each one of your followers and retweeters has an avatar, a human name, many of them also have their full profiles filled out.

• Extra-fast delivery with NO EXTRA PAYMENT – within less than 24 hours, but first make sure that I am online and that I am ready to start immediately (send me a quick message)

• Special OFFER: Buy 2 get 1 free!

• You can get these 2500 signals in a different way if you like (this can extend the deadline up to 3 days):

 Option 1. 1400 retweets + 1000 followers + 100 favorites

 Option 2. 1400 retweets + 1000 followers + 100 site widget hits

 Option 3. 1000 retweets + 1000 followers + 400 favorites + 100 widget

 Actually any other combination, but make sure your order includes no more than 400 hits on the website widget

• There are two options regarding who will do these retweets, follows, favs, widget shares:

 International, multilanguage Twitter users from Europe, Asia, Americas, Russia

 Russian-speaking users, mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

• 24/7 support in English and Russian

• Full refund guaranteed if the quality of this service does not comply with the above details.