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250k Views on YouTube Video - need help posting from 2012 archive


I have a video that is 13 seconds that I took in 2012 of a slot machine victory in a casino. I posted this video in 2012 on a YouTube channel and over 5 years received 250k clicks and visits.

I fully understand that the 250k views over 5 years won’t transfer. That is fine - I get that.

I have this 13-second live video of the the slot machine win on my hard drive that I uploaded in 2012 to my YouTube channel. I now own a website and want to upload the video again . . . for onpage SEO purposes and duplicate content / video purposes - how to I full proof this so search engines don’t think I copied it or stole it?

Again, it is my video I took in a casino when I won thousands of dollars - I really want to post on my website blog with a story around it, but want the maximum SEO value without getting penalized by Google.

Any comments and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. - Joe


One option would be to create the blog story and insert a link to it FROM the video page.
Im not sure how you would work it any other way without having to delete the original video and reupload it. I think a link within the video description and embedding the video on the blog page is your best option here.
Also consider adding an annotation on the video itself at around halfway to encourage people to click from the video to the blog - this positive user engagement will benefit the target page.


Thank you for your response. I don’t use this forum much so I want to get the best suggestions possible - yours has been very helpful. In case there are other comments to my additional questions below . . . The link to the video I’m asking about is here [Mod note: Link removed]

I don’t have any interest in keeping the video on my YouTube page, the most important thing to me is the 5-year-old video is uploaded to my blog page because that page is inside a website that I sell tickets on. So the value for me is that this really cool video and traffic for it is found on my website w/ the blog. I understand the linking value you suggested.

I do like the 5 years worth of comments though on YouTube and all the hype that surrounded the 250k visits.

Is there any negative issues with SEO, etc. in deleting the video from YouTube and then building my blog content around this and then uploading the 5-year old video a few days later from my personal hard drive? I want to make sure for rendering purposes or whatever that the delete and upload elasewhere is clean and not penalized by Google SEO and such.


I think your approach or what you want to do is not a great idea.
Using a video on your site which is shown on youtube is not going to cause any penalization, it just won’t have much benefit either even if you delete it from youtube.

The link and potential positive “social signal” or traffic from youtube would be much more valuable to the seo value of the blog post than simply having an original video there. I get the rationale behind what you want to do but I think it won’t work the way you think it should. Uploading it directly to your page will not get the same volume of traffic as having it on youtube. My initial comment is the best way to benefit from this that I can think of.


Got it. Thanks - very helpful. Appreciate your comments. Awesome.


Do you have a gig on Fiverr that can help me expedite this idea? I have to write the blog content today here in snowy New York - lol, but would hire a gig for the right cost to get all the linking, embedding, and all SEO perfect. Let me know or send me an offer and how you think you can help if you are interrsted. Thanks - Joe