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26 days on fiverr. Still no orders

I’m a graphic designer. But still no orders for my gig. What are the weak points of my gig. Please anyone help me. I don’t know what can I do for this matter.

My gig link

focus on buyer request … and try to send a good proposal so that the client will impress from you and will give you order … do this for few months to high your level …then you will get orders always

You gig images are of bad quality. You have used images from free mockup sites. This will not convince the buyer as most of the buyers are aware of such free mockup sites.

Try to upload your own design work. Improve the description a bit. It is not very convincing.

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Thank you very much for your advice…

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All designs in my gig are my own designs. I design them and add to the mockup for get 3D look. Please tell me clearly do I have to add my final design without mockup?

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Thank you so much your advice. I will add my own design without adding them to the mockup for get a 3D look.

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