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2663 Buyer Request ! What's going on!

Form last 2 to 3 days, whenever I’m going to check buyer request, I see 2660 or like 2672 buyer request there. That’s huge!! Well I checked and I found 4 out 10 is mostly spam, like people are asking for work or like ‘give me a chance to prove myself’ kind of stuff! But in my fiverr experience of last 2 months, I’ve never seen this much request come up on buyer request queue!
Earlier I used too see less than 100 request there, but never more than 100! And sometimes it used to say no buyer request! Ok that’s fair, if no one is asking for anything then why would be there any request! But now this much! And all this requests are like just stay there, the number goes ups and and down but always like 2300 to 2600! Never like only no request available or something like that!
Does anyone know anything about this!? Or is it just me! Well I just got level up here 2 days ago, (from a new seller to level 1) so is there any connection with that! I’m Just curious to know!

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And I don’t see any buyer request from last 2 days. :roll_eyes:

Even now it shows this much you see! Whenever I go there it’s showing a number like this.

Now I understand, all offers are going to you, so I cannot see any single offer!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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:joy: I don’t think so! But you know what’s freaking me out though! That now I have this much requests in the buyer request queue, maybe after few days I’ll have none at all! And if that happens, then that’s not going to be a good thing for me, as I got most of my projects from buyer requests.
So basically this bigger number is making me feel kind of uncomfortable!
But if nothing like that happens in the future, then it’s ok! :smile:

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