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27 positive reviews and over 30 days on Fiverr...still no level 1?


I joined not too long ago. I started with a small simple gig and I didn’t expect much…only a month later I have had 29 orders with 27 positive reviews and 2 unrated. 0 negative reviews and 0 cancellations. How long before I am level 1? On my analytics page it says I am at 90% for level 1…I have met all the criteria…

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It took about a day after I hit 30 days to get the level 1 badge, and it did not show up on forums until perhaps a day after that. If it has been a short time, I would suggest just giving it a little more. Congrats on so many orders in the first month!

:Thank you…

Am I just impatient…it’s been three days since hitting my 30 day mark. I have had well over 10 orders and my reviews are at 100%…I am assuming level achievement is not automated?

According to the fiverr rules you will earn the Level 2 When you will be able to create 50+ orders with in 2 months :slight_smile:

I mine said 90% too. It wanted me to make my profile complete by linking gmail and Facebook, did you do that? I know shortly after that and one more sale I hit Level One. Good luck and continued success to you!

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Thank you, I’m referring to level 1 not level 2.

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Thanks, my profile says it is 100% complete…all accounts linked. It just says that my level 1 status is at 90%…but all criteria has been fulfilled…

I just got the level1 message…I guess it’s not in the forums yet. Thanks all

Wow! Level 2…I just hit the two month mark and to my surprise I made level 2. Never thought it would happen so soon, but had some great interest and work come my way.

I guess it takes a bit to show in the forums

Congrats to level 1 :slight_smile:

No I’m level 2 now…just not in the forums it seems