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#277 Alexa ranked website doesn't have a customer care phone number! ranks #277 in global internet engagement. Check Link. Which is way above than any other freelance websites. But it is very unfortunate and strange that such a highly-trafficked and popular website doesn’t have a Customer Service phone number! It’s 2019 and users of the site is still in ‘send a mail and wait a day for reply’ era!

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Perhaps they haven’t had the opportunity yet to invest in/focus on expanding their customer service (CS) team? :thinking: Or maybe they have other important things right now to focus on/prioritize than expanding their customer support services. :thinking:

From what I understand, Fiverr’s current CS team is already overburdened and often has to resort to sending template responses. So it would make little to no sense for them to introduce a brand-new customer service feature considering the current situation in which they are right now. I don’t think it’s possible for them to implement a new feature without a significant expansion of their CS team, and perhaps Fiverr has more important things to focus on atm.

Imo, I think it might be a good idea for them to at least have a live chat feature in place (if not a 24-hour customer service phone number). A live chat feature can eliminate/reduce issues relating to misunderstanding/misinterpretation of information (which might be a drawback of telephonic and VoIP-based communication) that might arise due to variations in accents/dialects, etc (cuz neither all CS reps. nor all Fiverr users are native English speakers).


The minute Fiverr sets up a customer care number, they will start receiving 1,000+ calls per hour from people complaining that they can’t find their gig in the search, would like a review removing, or want to know how to "mek more sells."

That is likely why support is limited to an email and message ticketing system.

There are also few (if any) legitimiate reasons to need telephone support. When sellers don’t deliver or clients aren’t happy with work, 99% of problems can be remedied via the order page resolution center.

It is also the case that most live chat and telephone support services in 2019 are fully automated. You can call, but then you get put through to an automated switchboard tasked with destroying your sanity. In this case, adding one would really be a needless expense.


I disagree. The Customer Care phone should only be limited to those (buyers/sellers) who has an active order going on, half the problem you are stating are solved this way. That’s just an idea from a random person like me. They have their expert research team and if they are willing to introduce a phone call facility they can device the best way to do so. But the thing is, Fiverr doesn’t seem to develop even the existing Customer Support, they shamefully states “Current First Response Time is 12-18 hours” !

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Can you give an example of one case where you might need to contact customer support via telephone?

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That’s an improvement, it used to say that it might take them 24-48 hours to respond.


Imo, I think it has more to do with the innate human need for an immediate/real-time response so that they don’t feel like they are ignored or sidelined (psychological reason). Although there is probably no real logical reason for CS to give a real-time response, the users, however, want an answer right now! Not in 18 hours.

Everyone knows how annoying it can be to load websites over a ridiculously slow internet connection (dial-up). I think this is the main reason why some users feel like they deserve a real-time/live response for any queries they might have, no matter how trivial their request might be.

Is there a real need for that? Probably not. However, I kinda understand the OP’s POV, too.


Though I have no idea why you seem to be dead against the Phone service idea, here, among many incidents, the worst one.
One buyer needed a job done within 2-3 hours and it was something pretty simple. I showed him/her a quick work preview got a ‘yes’ and created the order. But after the delivery is made that person suddenly says the work is not needed anymore and asks to cancel the order immediately. I said the work was confirmed before we made the official order and done in less than one hour! He/she said not to argue otherwise he/she will accept it and write bad feedback. In utter confusion and fear of a bad review, I had to accept the cancellation request.
Now tell me did I have 12-18 hours time to wait for the customer service response?

Yes, it might also a part of the scenario for some.

This makes no sense. If it was 1999 then yes, a phone number would be required.

Fiverr would not help you with this situation. This is your issue to deal with. Learn how to deal with people and say no when they demand unfair cancellations. An occasional bad review won’t be an issue for you.

It’s 2019 and users of the site are still in ‘OMG, buyer says they will give bad review, better do whatever they say’ era.

Also, what extra percentage would you be prepared to have taken from your earnings so that other people can clog up the phones with queries like yours that CS can’t do anything about?


Yes. This and a need for positive affirmation. i.e. Some people want to here “yes, your seller was bad,” or “yes your order will be cancelled,” rather than just be presented with a dumb tick box option.

As it is, TOS states that orders represents arrangements between buyers and sellers, not buyers and Fiverr. There are also all the tools available to remedy most (if not all) order problems in the resolution center.

You did not have an order! Fiverr can’t help you in this situation in any way. Do not do work before a buyer places an order, and you will not have this problem.

Edit: Ok, you did have an order. However, you did not have to accept to cancel. Neither did you have to respond in any way before hearing back from CS after opening a ticket.

What do you expect someone on the other end of a phone to say? Something like, "oh no, we’ll charge the customer credit card anyway and make sure they can’t leave a review?"

Your example is why. It wouldn’t do anything but waste time and money.


Unfortunately, you didn’t even read what I have written. Reply only if you are ready for constructive criticism and discussions.

Clearly, you missed this part:

Maybe consider taking your own advice. :wink:


It happens to a lot of us. Since they threatened you, you could write to CS about it but about accepting and getting a bad review, Fiverr won’t force the buyer to accept the order nor they will prevent them from leaving a review. It’s a dead end. Imagine in a regular shop you can’t force your buyer to buy something, can you?

About the phone call, not everyone is comfortable talking over the phone. It would be a mess with bad pronunciation and such. I agree with 24 hours chat system it would have been a life saver.

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In this case, Fiverr should have 2 x tiers of commission. Sellers who are fine with how things are and can solve their own problems can pay 20%. Sellers who want phone or live chat support can pay 30% to cover the cost.

Does that still sound reasonable?

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They do reply to our every email, no? I bet they get silly emails like V

and more. We just don’t know about it.

That’s interesting. We learn to solve our own things slowly but at the start, everyone is more or less clueless about what to do when they fall into some situations for the first time.

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They’d tell you to work it out with the buyer. What’s the difference whether someone tells it to you over the phone, immediately, or 12 hours later via the ticket?

Also, since threats are forbidden, you could have reported that buyer to the Trust & Safety team. Even if you could have reported them via a phone conversation, the T & S team needs time to investigate the issue, and they couldn’t tell you anything immediately, so a phone call wouldn’t really help.


That’s your own personal perspective/point of view.

:joy: You are asking as if you will set the bar. Fiverr has given the sellers a platform and they can do whatever they want, tomorrow they might increase their share of percentage without any valid reason. So it is better to ask for better service from them without the fear of ‘commission’.

Let’s frame the sentence differently, “Sellers who are not confident enough to increase their gig prices can pay 20% without customer phone support, and sellers who are professional enough to increase the gig price and have the phone support will pay 30%” :wink: