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#277 Alexa ranked website doesn't have a customer care phone number!

It is yes, but it’s based on 3 years of doing exactly what I have suggested you do.

No, I am curious what you would think would be worth paying for the increased costs Fiverr would have.

If Fiverr did what you want then their costs would increase. They would need to make up the money from somewhere. How about a paid phoneline where you are charged $1/minute to talk to a CS representative, would you be willing to do that?
The Forum has an average response time of less than two minutes. When people have common issues like you did then posting a question on the forum (or looking at all the similar topics created) is the best idea really. In fact, I would argue that it’s better to get answers from experienced sellers than from a CS rep who hasn’t been a seller.


Don’t be so afraid, they haven’t declared any such thing yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have no problem with them doing that as I would never use it, even if it was free. I actually like the idea of people phoning CS and spending their earnings on asking questions that have simple answers in a way that has no effect on sellers who know how to deal with buyers properly.


BTW, bye for now everyone, this post has taken a good amount my time! And thanks to everyone for your replies. Peace! :v:

Better than 16-18 hours for a response though :slight_smile:
And I won’t charge you, this time.


Whatever. Your logic now is just getting more convoluted.

  • You want telephone support, despite the problem you want support concerning not being one a customer service agent could help you with.
  • In your view, sellers who need telephone support are more capable and professional than sellers who don’t.

As it stands, you might want to be careful what you wish for. In every case, CS agents check the profiles of sellers when answering queries. In your case, you are breaching TOS by stating in your profile that you are a Level 2 seller when actually, you are a Level 1 seller.

If you had called customer support today, they would have told you they can’t help, and possibly have issued you with an account warning. :man_facepalming:


How much would the cost per minute be?? Then again it would be great because I would finally hear the voice of discobot before my call disconnects after my credit runs out.


I can imagine customer support talking very slowly


Do you guys still pay per minute to talk to a company’s CS? That must be miserable.