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28 Days holiday allowed?. Since when exactly!?

Sorry Fiverr, when did you become my boss? If I need to take time off from Fiverr, I should be able to do so anytime I want and for as long as I want. If this restriction doesn’t get removed, I’m off. Bunch of loonies running this website I reckon.

sheesh, that’s one reason why i left the corporate world behind. although in reality, i do take a small recording setup with me on vacations so i almost never use the vacation mode, lol.

So if you can do that, which I’ve now done, why not just let you use vacation mode anytime, seems like Fiverr are hell bent on making life complicated for us all.

Well, you could always pause your gigs. This way not one person could order from them while they’re paused. However, by pausing the gig it gives others a chance to fill in the gap where your gig used to be. It can be risky, but if you rely mostly on repeat clients, it’s not that hard to get your position back where you used to be. What I do to “combat” such a situation as often times I am not available is to simply set my delivery time to a very high amount of days. If a buyer cancels during that duration, it’s easy to deal with since mutual cancellation doesn’t effect rankings anymore. You’ll still have to monitor your Fiverr page often, but you won’t have to necessarily work on orders. Note. Higher delivery time majorly restricts order flow and attracting new clients. When I reduce my delivery time on my gigs, I get WAY too many then I could actually handle. I do it from time to time when things get way too slow, but yeah.