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28 Not Rated gigs, Is there anyway of persuading buyers in getting review(s)?

Hi people,

I have a little issue which I think I will definately get Awesome answer(s) from experienced sellers inn here.

After messaging each buyers who are yet to rate my gig, there seems to be no response of them (maybe they are yet to log in) and I was just wondering if there could be anyway of getting back reviews from buyers who are yet to rate a particular gig.

… 28 Not Rated Gigs, Is this how Top Rated Sellers too have issues with reviews?

Your honest replies Please…

Not every buyer rates. Some never even show up after ordering your gig, and the system auto-completes these orders (which is considerably better than a buyer showing up a month later and giving you 1 star, as some members mentioned).

I’ve got 97 rated gigs, and 36 not rated. It doesn’t bother me.

Reply to @catwriter: Now 28 Not Rated gigs in 3months, 84 Not Rated gigs in 5months

I’m always iffy on this. I wonder whether they didn’t rate because they were unhappy or just because they didn’t want do it. I don’t want to poke the bear ya know? Back in the day of thumbs up I always sent a message after delivery if they didn’t respond asking them if they were satisfied, whether they would like any revisions and if they could take a moment to leave a rating. Now I just don’t bother, too scary to think that they may be having a bad day and rate on that, or perceive me as pestering them and take off a star. Noooooo thank you. I’ll take no rating.

Accessgirl is right, why ask for trouble? If a buyer didn’t review your order he either didn’t like it, or is too lazy to give you a review. It happens, sometimes you order the wrong thing and then you regret it, some people feel compassion for sellers and don’t want to ruin their rating with bad reviews.

i would just wait, I know alot of people might not review, just message them once telling them to please leave a review.

you can also give them an offer something like get $5 discount when you spend $15 when you leave a review

Reply to @superfunart: Like I said earlier, I already left a message but No response, maybe they’ve not been active or just too lazy to reply, I can’t say

Yeah, I know this method works but a buyer who has refused to acknowledge your messages, how do you tend to offer $5 discount to them?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah! I did agree with you