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29% commission?

Hello everybody.
Just a question: I have a 100$ active order, and the Fiverr app shows that I will get 71$… that’s a 29% commission. I’m having a look around and I don’t find any news about commission increasing. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance!

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Wow, Seriously - is it true? could you upload screenshot of that?

Did your client purchase the stock photo extra? It might be because of it. :sunglasses:

@alexmartinelli, it could be a confusion between Dollar and Euro, I see that you are in Spain.

Currently, on Fiverr 1$ equals to €0,89, and $80 (100 - 20) equals to about €71 (71,2).


it’s a voice over custom order, without extras :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s a mistake in the App, showing $ instead of €… I hope so…

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Ah, the active orders section is bugged. Go to your earnings tab on the PC and see the expected earnings.

The expected earnings show the sum of all the expected earnings of this month, I cannot figure out how much this one will contribute…

Expected earning shows the total value of currently available order and delivered orders. You should be abel to do the math and see how much you’re getting for each order.

Too much stress for a Mediterranean guy :slight_smile:
I will wait the order to pass to clearance and see what it shows :wink: