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2nd Fiverr Account Legal or Illegal

When you sign up, you are supposed to read everything. The rules state that having two accounts is not allowed.

This shouldn’t be up for argument. Use the same ip for two fiverr and both accts get banned.

Actually, this is not always true, just to be clear. If 2 people share an IP but want separate Fiverr accounts, different gig types, and different PayPal (or other payment) accounts, there are situations where this is allowed. To be safe this should be done only with permission from Customer Support, but there are some allowances for it. Those two users cannot buy gigs or review each other due to the possibility of fraud. So:

One user with 2 accounts = not allowed
Two accounts with 1 payment method = not allowed
Two accounts on the same IP buying gigs from each other = not allowed

Other situations should be reviewed by Customer Support instead of decided via the forums.

Fiverr Not allowed multiple accounts. its against of TOS.

not allowed mate

Fiverr doesn’t allow spamming. I suggest you to please use single account.

In my case it is because my gigs are so different from each other and I don’t want my customers from one gig (a more professional gig) to make an impression of me based on my other popular but odd gig (a for-fun gig). Kind of like the difference between giving someone your facebook acct vs your Linkedin I guess. But, I can see why it’s not allowed, as people try to game the system.