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2nd fiverr account on same bank account?

how many account we can create on Fiverr with Only 1 bank account Number ?? i just want to create 2nd account on fiverr but i have only 1 bank Account !

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Multiple accounts are against the TOS you agreed to.


As @imagination7413 said, you can only have a single Fiverr account. If you have more, you run the risk of getting banned.

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@raza_malik Please first read Fiverr TOS. Creating multiple accounts against the Fiverr TOS. Don’t do that.

why would you need more than 1?

Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards is a cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service so as not to risk your account.