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2nd level


Hi friends,

I have got 2nd level in last 12 days ago.But Not receive good number of orders after got 2nd level.I have god over 10 orders before pass the any level


Do you have something ideas?


Keep in mind, being upgraded to Level 2 seller doesn’t promise that you will get many orders. You have to work for it :)>-


ok thanks for your reply! :)>-


Yes I got upgraded too and noticed my orders drop to almost nothing. Odd!


Being on higher level doesnt mean more order.It means more extras as a seller. You have to continue your work and promoting :slight_smile:


I am seeing many posts here on the fourm these days of peoples sales dropping off (mine also) I am not sure what is going on, just a wait and see status and continues to market my family tree gig


Congrats on Level 2 ! I remember when I got level 2 the orders poured in but then slowed down, I think this is down to Fiverr rotating the gigs in order to make it fair for everyone. Hold tight and I’m sure your orders will pick up soon.

Good luck and reach for Top Rated Seller.

All the best



Just noticed. You are a top rated seller. ! My mistake for not looking :slight_smile: Congratulations !




Looks like your now a Top Seller! Congrats


Wow that was a very short amount of time! Way to go! :slight_smile:


My question to you is did you do nothing special when they gave you top rated seller or did they randomly give it to you. I’d like to know how they choose who gets it and who doesnt


Grats! Hopefully after the holidays they will pick up again! :slight_smile:


I am Level 1, and I’m 90% on the way to Level 2. It does not say how many orders left and how many days until I hit Level 2. Please advise? :-/