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2nd order and buyer not responding

I did a 3d work for insignificant amount of money and communication was good but when I delivered he is not rating it and doesn’t respond. Why? I know that the order will get completed in 3 days and I will get paid, but at this point for a new seller the reviews matter a lot :frowning:

I understand how important they are. But since the seller has 10 days to review they still could leave you a review.

Hi Alba,

Sorry to hear of your situation but rest assured it’s not uncommon. Although I’ve completed nearing 850 projects of which, only 524 have provided a review, which is common. Rather than focusing on the % of reviews you receive, or other statistics on your gig. More focus should be placed on communicating with your client, even at the time of delivery that a review is appreciated.

This won’t assure you will get one but will provide your client, some of which aren’t familiar with the impact of social proof, so you can stay in front of mind.

Hope this helps and keep your head up.