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2nd Round .. no sells yet, 1k impressions but no sales

Hello fiverr forum, am starting this thread since am i bit confused about many things here on fiverr.

Let me start this story the right way. A year ago i did create a set of icons with flat style and i decided it would be great to sell those icons here on fiverr. I did some research about fiverr created my gig etc … long story short 2 sells, great reviews but then it dropped the impressions, clicks, no more sells. That was my first fiverr round.

Then 2 months ago i decided to give it a try again to fiverr, this time i bought some books about fiverr and followed the “recipes” on it.

Nice images for the gigs, try to be “Unique”, avoid errors on typing, create offers for the new clients on the gig … this time i haven’t had one single sell. I did add the icons gig again, it is the one with higher impressions rate but not one single sale.

Any comments, advices, thanks for your time!!

Hi. Let me begin by congratulating you for your profile. It’s very impressive, it offers details for the client. Secondly, I want to advice you to give long descriptions of the gig. It means a lot for the customer, he wants to be informed and to know all the details of the gig, be attractive, tell him your skills, what you are doing, why should he choose you instead of others and so on. Then, try to promote your gigs on social media. :smiley: And try not to cancel the order, it affects your ranking.

@ralucamath Thanks for reviewing my profile and gladly provide your opinion and advise. I’ll keep tuning and modifying the gig until it becomes effective. How is your statistics going? how many views / clicks / impressions you get for every client?

Kindly regards.