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2nd Violation fiverr disable my account

Fiverr Denied My All Gigs after four days still under review I want to know is my account got ban?

Can not find your account on Fiverr so i guess it’s gone.

Yes I can find you can also check my user name designer_hmza

I couldn’t find your account.

Yeah Right I checked it on other laptop it not showing so its mean its gone?


That’s what it says when I search you up.

Oh no but why they did this it’s my 2nd waring .

Check this out:

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it’s clearly written in fiverr TOS that if you get 2 warnings for the same violation your account will be banned. you might get 3 warnings only for different and not so severe violations.
For some violations you get banned right after the first warning.

It would have made sense to read fiverr TOS when you received first warning but I guess you just ignired it and again violated rules.


And for some violations you get banned without a warning.


What you have done on Fiverr, so you got banned. Can you please explain to people will get a lesson from you.

Violation are different from each other first warning was my mistake but second wasn’t my mistake . i just post a request after this they ban my account .

Seriously. How do you expect anyone here to be able to advise you in any way if you won’t even say why you were banned?

What did Fiverr tell you in their message regarding you being banned? What gigs did you try to offer? What was your first warning about?


First warning was buyer reported me Because of clashes he take work from me and then say he won’t want to work with me.
2nd was I just post a request that I need a guy who can trace my phone on this basis fiverr block my account .

What you say is this all my mistake?

The main thing is that fiverr thinks so, not what we think.


So, what exactly were you offering?

Website and graphic designing services

Oh, I see. You can kiss that disabled account bye-bye.

I don’t recommend creating another account. Reach out to CS to ask them if it’s OK. :pineapple:

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