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2time warning for violation

Hi I created my fiver profile in 2016, when I didn’t even know how it works or how to use it, then few month back I tried to make a gig for plagiarism, it was approved for someone else but when I tried to make it, I received a warning.
But then I searched how to use fiverr and finally been getting good orders from October, a customer came and he directly sent his no, I didn’t knew about the violation thing and I said that ok I will call you, this led to another warning.
I told my friend who is a fiver level 2seller, she said leave this account and Make a new one as if you get another warning, your account will be blocked completely.
, I have now 300$ (inuding some present orders) in my account which are not cleared yet. I am so tensed that what if my account gets blocked or anything can happen to my account or so.
Can anyone guide me through this???


First, read the Terms of Service - you’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the main Fiverr page.

Second, do not create another account without permission or both accounts will be permanently banned.


If you really need this $300, put all your gigs on pause and wait for it to clear.
While your money is clearing, read and make sure you understand Fiverr TOS.

You have created all your own problems here. You will continue to create new problems for yourself if you keep on doing what you are doing. Stop. Take a break, and only come back when you are 100% confident you know how to avoid a third warning.


Yes, I agree with cyarex. You really need to know the rules and regulations before proceding. I have made innocent mistakes along the way because I wasn’t clear on a fe things but after my best-selling gig was suspended that was earning me money, I had to start all over agian. Fiverr can be a great money-maker if you understand how it works. Take the time and read everything you can find on their rules.