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3-5 sales/day for months. Not a single sale in 7 consecutive days now. Wow?

First off guys, I want to thank everyone here. Especially the admins and mods, you guys are on the ball. I don’t frequent the Fiverr Forums quite often, but when I do, I always see great activism from all participants, makes for a great atmosphere.

Anyway, I’m sorry to bore you with another one of these questions, but I figured before I go and bother Customer Support for answers, I’d come here first. Maybe there’s some incredibly obvious reason why, and I just don’t see it.

Fiverr has been great to me in the past, I’ve been featured once or twice (talk about cha-ching!) and there Support team is amazing. On to the point though…

So for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been consistently getting anywhere from 3-5 (average) sales a day, never would I go a day without getting at least 1 sale, and that was rare.

But now, I’m beginning to panic a bit. It’s been about 6 days now, and not a SINGLE sale. Around day 2 I got suspicious and tried searching some of my keywords on, and to my sorrow, not finding a single trace of my main, beloved gig. I had about 4 major keywords that when searched, I would appear #1 for. I was completely gone.

At that point I contact Fiverr Support. They were very friendly and explained the reasoning for it. Apparently I clanged my title too many times one night (trying to formulate the best title possible, you know how that goes) and every time I’d save changes, my gig went into “approval phase” or something along those lines, and in that phase you’re gig is unsearchable for a couple of days. Fiverr Support manually took me out of “approval phase” and warned me about changing my title too many times. About 3 hours later, I was searchable again. But…

Now I’m no where near the top. I’m on page 4 or 5 on some keywords. Fiverr’s algorithm a curious creature, but I’m pretty sure I accidentally “started over” all of the SEO I’ve racked up prior to being unsearchable. Does this mean I need to work my way back to the top again?

I have one of the highest rated gigs in the Business Tips category, yet when you refine search to Avg. Customer Review, I’m no where in site. I have people with 10 reviews appearing before me. Mine has over 400, I just don’t get how Fiverr “ranks” you on the search. Clearly I worked VERY hard to get those reviews, it shows I know what I’m talking about and people put faith in me. Say a newcomer to Fiverr is browsing Business Tips, but he wants to see the “BEST” results first, well he cant. Because there’s no way to do that.

So they settle with the seller who has 2 reviews and looks like a child created the entire gig. Maybe Fiverr is letting newer sellers get the spotlight for a while to encourage them to stay? Well it’s discouraging ME. There is absolutely NO reason a seller should go from 5 sales a day, every… single… day… for MONTHS upon MONTHS… then nothing. Absolutely nothing. For nearly an entire week now. I can understand a day or two of no sales, it could just be that NO ONE wants your gig THAT particular day, just all coincidence. But 6 days, going on 7 tomorrow without some much as a message, let alone a sale? Come on, that’s far from coincidence, I think there’s other elements at play here. And quite frankly, I feel a little betrayed. I’ve put hours and days and weeks and months into growing my Fiverr Account. I have EARNED my respect here by giving users here something THEY want. 400 5-star reviews didn’t “Just happened”.

This is just ridiculous and the more I rant about it, the more sickening it makes me feel

So If there’s anyone here that could shed some light as too why a LOYAL seller with tremendous, outstanding, near-flawless feedback, 1000’s of sales… Just be tossed in the back of the search result abyss? Is that I’ll I’m worth on this site?

I’d really like answers, I don’t want to bug Fiverr Support unless I really have to. But I swear if by tomorrow nothing changes, I don’t see what else I can do here. I would hate to leave, but I feel that my gig deserves more exposure considering it’s track record.

Anyway /rant

Thanks for any answers and best of luck everyone