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3.7 Buyer rating ,What Can I do?

I worked hard for this buyer. He had no specific concept ,only thinking but I delivered nice project.
17 revisions e used for it. But he felt me in a big problem.

3.7 is 74% positive. It’s not bad feedback.

What is more concerning is that your buyer got 17 revisions. 17?!

If your buyer needed 17 revisions to get a result they were satisfied with, I think 3.7 is very fair feedback.

Delivering 17 revisions is nothing to be proud of.

Also, by discussing feedback with your buyer and customer support you risk an account warning.


sorry to hear but you can’t change ratting even not buyer not you can change ratting

Thank you for your advice
I know that revision is too much. I am not proud for that. Problem create because he has no clear concept. Only send me a large thinking .He wanted to draw a glary in totally different type of game.

Thank you
Buyer wanted but find not no option right now

Nothing to do and don’t even try to do anything for this review just move ahead and forget it

You gave this Buyer 17 revisions?

If your Gig says “unlimited revisions” change it ASAP to 3 revisions, max.

Then charge extra for more revisions.

I think you probably deserve the 3.7 based on how many times you revised the product.

At least the Buyer gave you a rating and you can learn from this experience.

Plus, there are some very difficult Buyers out there.

Maybe this was one of them.

Don’t let it drag you down.

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Always Welcome !!!

His review suggest otherwise. You don’t need to worry but rather just reply to his review.
I think he probably didn’t give you the stars in communication and recommend to friend.

Also let it go. The response suggest that you asked the buyer about the review, this can get you banned.

17 revisions might be understandable.

That review reads: “it is hard for me to operate this way in terms of communication… feels like I have to say the same thing over and over again”


As I said, 17 revisions is nothing to be proud of. If a seller is unable to communicate effectively with their buyer, then it’s no wonder the buyer was left feeling exasperated.

Time and time again we see sellers discuss ‘poor reviews’ in the forum. But so many times it’s the result of an inability to communicate clearly - either to understand instructions, or to communicate their own concepts to the buyer.

If people want to sell in English, then they need to be able to communicate effectively in English. It really is that simple. They might be great at what that do, but if they can’t communicate…