3.7 Rating because of fast delivery 😦


Hi, Today i received Custom Order Request to edit 4 PDF files within 1 day so i send 20$ offer (5$ per each file). buyer accepted my offer & i have complete that order within 10 minute. so hoped buyer will be happy. after few minutes i have received bellow rating from him & his thinking is really amazing. :smile:

Also actual order price should be $22 ($20 + $2 processing fee) so i don’t no how he paid $29. i want to explain all these things in my review but there are no option in fiverr new rating system for that… :frowning:


Not entirely sure what your buyer means by “shame you did that”. He/she sounds like they’re disappointed that you completed their work extra fast. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Some buyers, smh


The buyer is from AUS so it’s probably 29AUD which is roughly 22USD.

With these type of orders you need to explain to the buyer what you did and how.
You can create a template for that.

I’ve had the same thing with a few clients outside of Fiverr. You need to explain that the reason why you can do this in 10-minutes is because you’ve invested in the right tools and you know what you’re doing.
They are not paying for your time, they are paying for the result.


So we should not work fast . :joy::joy::joy:


Hi, so where i have to explain that things ?? after adding my review only i can see his review so i don’t no about his review…


During delivery.
You explain what you did and you deliver the work as an attachment. You explain it before they write a review not after.


yes before I got many buyer this type.


Hi, in fiverr i have completed more than 6000+ orders but never got such a issue. most of the buyers are appreciated my fast delivery & given TIP.


yes he got his work super fast but still worried…


Then it won’t have much impact to your overall rating.
Look, you can ignore it and hopefully it won’t happen again or you can create a simple template.

I don’t know what the customer was thinking, but I guess they felt a bit embarrassed that they spent $22 on something simple. Based on the feedback it seems the buyer didn’t really understand your pricing and felt you overcharged them.

It’s like when you call a cable guy, they charge you $50 for the visit and it turns out that your TV was unplugged. :slight_smile:


But they obviously didn’t feel that it was simple for them as they paid the OP to do it rather than doing it themselves.

The buyer was paying for the seller’s time, knowledge, software etc. They shouldn’t be taking out their embarrassment in their review of the seller. They were obviously happy enough with the custom offer to accept it, otherwise they’d have turned it down/

And you’re grateful the cable guy had the experience and knowledge to fault find something you couldn’t do yourself? :slightly_smiling_face:


In the ideal world yes, but it also depends on the seller how the value is communicated.
I get really simple request all day long from my customers, but they have no problem paying my hourly rate because they understand the value a bring :wink:

Exactly. They thought it’s a bit more complex and when OP did it in a few minutes they realized it was probably something they should have figured out themselves. I think if OP explained what they did it wouldn’t be the case.

I don’t convert PDFs, but just yesterday a buyer came to be asking for a simple slider. I did it in 30 minutes and they paid $80 for it. I don’t know what they would have answered if I just delivered the slider, but I took extra 10min to explain what I did and I’m pretty sure the buyer understands the value of it.


Sellers shouldn’t have to explain everything they do and why - it would be never ending.

Buyers need stuff done, sellers do it and get paid for it. That’s what the OP’s buyer did - they got what they paid for.

I’ve got a fault with my car - I was 99% sure what it was, but I needed to go to a garage to get it checked before they ordered the part for fitting etc. Would I need an explanation of how they came to £60+VAT for an hour’s labour? No - that’s what it cost, and that’s what I paid. The fault was exactly what I thought it was, but I’m not moaning about paying the charge - it’s just what it costs. :wink:


It’s not a fair comparison.
Let’s say they charge you 2000+VAT. You wouldn’t ask for explanation?


Like the OP’s buyer, if I’d been quoted that before the work was done and I was unhappy, I wouldn’t have accepted the custom offer or quote.


OK, so let’s say they charge you £60 which you accept, the mechanic comes back in 2 minutes and says all done. You wouldn’t raise an eyebrow? You thought it would take 1h and it took 2 minutes.

We can blame the buyer all day long because they are not here to explain their side, but based on the feedback it’s obvious that the buyer didn’t understand how few minutes translates to $22 and this is something that seller didn’t explain.


I think a fair comparison would be if I order a tire change and know when ordering that it costs me $29. And then complain about the price when they are kind enough to do it right away for no premium because I myself would have needed an hour to do it myself and they did it in 10 minutes.

Of course, if one has to deal with such customers often, it would make sense to provide an explanation, to avoid such situations, but I don’t think sellers should be generally expected to preemptively guess and explain everything that can go wrong for buyers who might not have common sense.


Even with explanation there will always be customers who are not happy. There are no guarantees.

However, for me the point of this category is to share experiences and discussing what can be done differently next time to improve the situation. In this case I think I understand where the customer is coming from and why they don’t see how 10min=$22. There are a few solutions worth trying as well so I think the takeway should be that.

I know it’s annoying when someone comes along and says you should have done this or that, but if this thread ends there’s nothing we can do because buyers are bad then it should probably go under Ranting pot :stuck_out_tongue:


hi, yes nothing can do but i have learned something new.


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