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3.7 Rating because of fast delivery 😦


Same with Voice Overs, they think you just turn on a PC, waffle off some words and press send.
When in actual fact for every 1hr of professional VO requires 3hrs of work.
Ignorance is bliss i guess


yeah!! you’re damn right lol


you contact support team and tell them what happened may they’ll do anything positive for you


Why did he/she order if price was too high ?!..


This is why I prefer to delivery some projects after more than 3 or 5 hours or more …


This is so funny.

Maybe next time, you should take your time to do the work. Maybe 12 hours?

Then they will think you worked for hours on the project. Otherwise they will feel that they have been ripped off.

But As a Seller Remember : If Michel Angelo did a painting in 5 Minutes, He could sell it for Over a Million Dollars.