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$ this REALLY what $5 will get me around here?

I just decided to make a withdrawal on the money that’s been accruing in my account. I sent it to my PayPal and it only averages $3.92! Can someone help me understand how anyone makes any money delivering a decent product here? Because I’m about to throw in the Fiverr towel.


Fiverr takes 20% and PayPal takes a percentage as well.

If you wait until you have $50. PayPal will only take $1 or 2%.

If you wait until you have $100, PayPal will still take $1, but the percent will be 1%.

Plus, you are Level 0. When you level up and add Extras some of your orders will be much higher than $5. Patience.

It’s all about the gig extras. That is where you make the real money. The normal $5 gig is just to attract attention.

Don’t forget to deduct taxes as well. :frowning: I have to claim every penny, since this is my income and part of my online business